PRIDE FILM FEST Best of Fest Shorts streams Nov 15 to 26

Week 1 includes eight shorts, and tickets can be purchased here

  • BETTER TOGETHER, directed by Clark Marcelo. Better Together is a heartwarming romantic comedy that offers a fresh perspective on the love story between Tyler and JunJun. Through JunJun’s eyes, we delve into their enchanting tale of navigating cultural differences, personal growth, and the chaos ensuing when two worlds collide.
  • FIRST X, directed by Nicole Adler. FIRST X is a groundbreaking short film about two people taking a chance on dating in a post-pandemic world. The story portrays the vulnerability and anticipation of what it was like to experience that once-in-a-lifetime “FIRST.”
  • FLAG ACT, directed by Susana Darwin. Free-spirited Simone gets a surprise knock at her door one evening. It turns out she has run afoul of the FLAG Act, a new (fictional … really) law prohibiting flying “provocative” flags. Simone defends her free speech right, including flying a rainbow flag. The porch-side conflict escalates beyond annoyance to absurdity, with Simone’s sass remaining intact.
  • SON RISE, SON SHINE, directed by Sasha Marie Speer. Son Rise, Son Shine is a short film about the journey of Gerald, a black gay man, as he interacts with himself and the world from ages 6 to 40. Throughout the film, his 9-year-old self acts as his inner bully, always telling him his way doesn’t meet who he should be as a black man, that he isn’t good enough, and no one loves him. Through his different ages, we see Gerald struggle but eventually finally find peace with who he is and his place in the world.
  • STONE, directed by Jake Graf. When Tess learns of her estranged father’s death, she travels to the funeral, hoping for closure and the chance to meet the woman who stole him from her. Immediately blindsided by the revelation that her father was a transgender woman, Tess wonders what else has been kept from her, turning to her mother for answers. Realizing that nothing is as it seems, Tess must challenge everything she has been told about her childhood and, most importantly, her understanding of what it meant to be a father.
  • THE PRINCE’S DILEMMA directed by Devin Rowe. Prince Philip, longing to be with a prince of his own, must decide to follow the traditional tale or forge his own happily ever after.
  • RIVER, directed by Rafal Sokolowski River, a trans woman estranged from her family, returns home to attend her father’s funeral. She is anxious to see her mother, but nothing can prepare her for their extraordinary reunion.
  • TINA, directed by Sheri Davenport.  When Tina and Ryan meet for their first internet date, they quickly learn they already share a past. They also discover they’re not the same people they once were.

Watch the available trailers for the films, and order tickets below.

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