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What do we seek in the play contest? Open Space Arts seeks innovative plays and exciting screenplays about today’s hot topics. Gender issues, or Don’t Say Gay! Climate, religion, politics, freedom? Racial justice, CRT, abortion. sex, politics, families, climate, war, and peace – the future! If you wrote about it, we want it. There are so many things for writers to say dealing with today’s issues. If people are talking about it, we need plays, and screenplays that bring it to life. Sex, politics, religion, families, climate, war, and peace – you name it, we want it. Think big and bold. Learn the rules and skills of the craft, and then break them.

What do we seek in the screenplay contest?

The mission of our PRIDE FILM FEST is to celebrate and promote the diversity and stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities through the medium of film. We aim to create a supportive and inclusive space where audiences can engage with thought-provoking, entertaining, and empowering cinematic experiences that challenge stereotypes, inspire dialogue, and foster greater understanding and acceptance.
This screenplay contest is essential to that mission, as we will celebrate the best works written for the screen.

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