Arts Judaica

The Arts Judaica project at Open Space Arts celebrates and promotes the richness and diversity of Jewish culture and heritage through the arts. We are dedicated to creating engaging and thought-provoking artistic experiences that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish traditions, history, and values.

Through our commitment to artistic excellence, we aim to provide a platform for Jewish artists to showcase their talents and voices while nurturing their creative growth. We strive to support emerging artists, encourage innovative collaborations, and empower individuals to express their unique Jewish identities through various artistic mediums, including visual arts, music, theater, dance, literature, and film.

We seek to bridge communities and promote intercultural understanding by fostering dialogue and embracing inclusivity. We believe that the arts have the power to transcend boundaries and promote empathy, compassion, and respect among people of different faiths, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Education and outreach are integral parts of our mission. We are dedicated to offering educational programs, workshops, and exhibitions that engage learners of all ages, providing opportunities to explore Jewish history, traditions, and contemporary issues through artistic lenses. Through these initiatives, we aim to inspire curiosity, spark dialogue, and foster a lifelong love of the arts and Jewish culture.

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