Horseplay at Facets on June 22

PRIDE FILM FEST takes a big step forward with in-person and streaming events starting this spring! Horseplay at Facets on June 22 is our second in-person event!

In the hot Argentine Summer, a group of mates gets together to enjoy the holidays, drink, party, and make provocative videos of their mates. A rare mix of homophobia and horseplay come together; however, jealousy and violence begin to emerge under the surface. Themes of masculinity, toxicity, and bromance are placed under the microscope in Marco Berger’s often uneasy, playfully erotic, and volatile drama film. Building on his previous work, Taekwondo, Berger puts us in a friendship group where homosexuality and male love are dismissed, and homoerotic play is embraced.

Facets is at 1517 W Fullerton, a few blocks west of the Fullerton Red Line. Parking at showtime is generally available on Fullerton.

Pride Film Fest showcases the breadth of international LGBTQ films, illustrating the variety and complexity of queer life across the globe. Programming includes films previously lauded in global film festivals alongside new films curated through the Pride Film Contest.

Pride Film Fest began in 2012 as an in-person event curated by Pride Films and Plays. Open Space Arts is now the non-profit sponsor for the independent, year-round streaming and in-person program Pride Film Fest. Pride Film Fest is a member of the Chicago Alliance of Film Festivals.

Individual tickets are $12. Member tickets are $7.

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